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Meet Joseph Arnold

A great man who embodied great things

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“His Spiritual basis for everything was being in the woods… or on a mountaintop or on a ski slope or on a river.”

Mark Schuster (Son of Joseph Arnold)

Named in honor of developer, Mark Schuster’s father, Joe is remembered as an outdoor adventurer, environmental advocate and humanitarian. A successful Seattle physician, he volunteered abroad in Ethiopia providing care to people living in the bush. He also helped start one of the first drug rehab centers at Swedish, a novelty for the time. A Naturalist at his core he was also an avid skier, climber and hiker. He hiked the PCT, climbed Mount Rainier three times, as well as, every local mountain in the Cascades and Olympics. Sharing nature’s gifts was just as important as experiencing them for himself. Two annual trips to float the Grand Canyon were organized every year where he prioritized people who had never experienced this great geological wonder. He donated generously to the Sierra club and Green Peace in addition to being active members of these organizations.

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“I am in love with this world; I have nestled lovingly in it.
I have climbed its mountains, roamed its forests,
sailed its waters, crossed its deserts,
felt the sting of its frosts, the oppression of its heats,
the drench of its rains, the fury of its winds,
and always have beauty joy waited upon my goings and comings.”

John Burroughs

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An outdoor adventurer,
environmental advocate
and humanitarian

Joseph Arnold was a man deliberate in teaching others through his actions and behavior, more than his words. His legacy lives on at our community and we celebrate his immense life.

“Life's not about every breath you take. It's the moments that take your breath away.”

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